New article with complete crew list.

I have posted a new article on the site that gives a complete crew list for SS Volturno’s final voyage. Although I have previously posted the names of all the crew victims, and all of the Dutch crew members, this is—to my knowledge—the first complete list published of the entire crew anywhere.

Using primary sources from The National Archives (of the United Kingdom), I have compiled a list of all 93 officers and crew that sailed from Rotterdam on 2 October 1913. See the complete list, and my discussion and examination of the primary source materials here.

Some numbers related to Volturno’s crew:

  • 92 men and 1 woman comprised the entire crew.
  • 29 men and 1 woman died in the disaster; 63 men survived
  • Of the victims:
    • 2 were officers: Chief Mate, 4th Mate
    • 8 were deck personnel: Boatswain’s Mate, 4 (of 6) able-bodied seamen, 2 (of 6) ordinary seamen, 1 deck boy
    • 3 were engine-room personnel: 1 greaser, 2 firemen
    • 17 others: the Assistant Purser, the Chief Steward, the pantryman, the stewardess, 1 baker, the butcher, the Steam Cook, 4 assistant stewards, the Chief Steerage Steward, 5 general stewards

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  1. michael

    hi Andy, I’m related to the Volturno’s third officer, Walter Düsselmann. A cousin told me you had asked her (via ancestry) about WD. A short CV is on my blog though I should update it as I have found some additional details since then. Any question give me a shout by leaving comment on my blog or email me: michaelgrr ” at ” yahoo * co * uk


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